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Heligen    Technologies Ltd

Heligen is a completely new, innovative, product in the modelling world - an engine driven brushless alternator to supply power to your 2.4Ghz radio system. This first version fits OS 50 or 55 Hyper engines and is therefore aimed at the helicopter market. Future versions will suit other engines.
The Heligen alternator has been designed to fit directly onto the back of the engine, taking its drive from the crankshaft. After passing through the Rectifier/UBEC module this gives a voltage-stable, high current source to the radio system while the engine is running, leaving the usual Rx battery to act as a backup.

Pilot concern about the state of charge of the Rx battery is eliminated, and battery capacity no longer limits your flying session.
Heligen system

H001 .... Alternator Power supply system OS50/55    RRP 119.00

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