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Please note that this Simulator requires an LPT (parallel) printer port to interface to your transmitter- a USB emulation LPT port will not work.

Download v9 manual            Download latest software (v.9.4)

The Simulator interface uses the LPT (parallel) port of your PC (not MAC): unfortunately many modern PCs no longer have an LPT port, and a 'virtual' one through a USB socket will not work. The software is DOS based and must be run from a DOS boot-up - this requires a floppy disc drive and an external one through a USB port is OK here, and are quite cheap. A DOS bootup disc can be made by formatting the floppy disc (through 'My Computer' or similar Windows systems) 'with system files' . This disc is inserted before the computer is turned on, and once booted the disc is swapped for the CSM disc and the software run directly from the floppy (do not install). The mouse may not be available to use - you may have to use the keyboard commands. If the computer will not boot from the floppy drive (goes to Windows as usual), go into the computer control system to find the order in which the computer checks the drives - the floppy drive should be set before the hard drive. If you have problems with this, or require a boot disc or v10 floppy disc, please contact us: 44(0) 1457 854680 or email tech@csm-ltd.co.uk

For further help on running the Simulator, please see the technical page for v10.

Upgrade to v10

Please make sure your v9 version works on your computer first - upgrading to v10 will not solve any running issues.

Version 10 of the CSM Simulator is unfortunately not compatible with the interface issued with earlier versions of the simulator. We have had to do this because we were starting to run up against the limits of the existing interface design. The new interface gives a 100% increase in control resolution, support for up to 12 channels, and gives faster, more reliable data transfer between transmitter and PC. This will also allow much more flexibility and we have done a lot of work to increase the number of printers that the sim is compatible with, (although we can't guarantee that it will work with every PC / Printer combination out there!). We have also taken the opportunity to change the design and style of the interface so that there will be no possibility of mistaking our product for anybody else's.

If you have a V9, then you can upgrade for 12 sterling. You should send your old interface only, (NOT the disk, interface lead for the transmitter or original packaging), back to us together with payment. Cheques should be made payable to CSM Ltd, or you can include your credit card details (or phone us with these). Please do NOT send cash through the post!

If you are sending from outside the EU, don't forget to write on the customs label, 'A product being returned to country of origin for service'. If you do not put the above statement on the customs form the shippers will try to charge us import duty and tax so we may have to refuse the parcel. Please also remember to insure the package as it will be your responsibility until we take receipt of it!

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us on +44(0)1457 854680 or email tech@csm-ltd.co.uk

All our helicopter products are distributed worldwide through RC Models Distribution Ltd, and should be available from your local model shop or mail order company. To find your nearest stockist see the RC Models shops page

phone +44 (0)1457 860001 or email sales@rcmodels.org
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