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Standard size SmartLock gyros

The standard size SmartLock gyros are the grey case,  42.5 x 26.5 x 46.5mm gyros with attached (not unpluggable) cables: SL560, SL420 and SL310

The SL560 and SL420 are electronically the same as the micro gyros of the same name, the SL310 is just slightly different from its micro version (in the Quick setup there is no option to choose digital servo - although digital servos can be used with the SL310 it runs at conventional servo speed) and  technical help on their use can be found at  the micro gyro technical page


SL560 manual              PC interface manual

Software for revision 3 and earlier          Software for revision 4

SL420 manual              SL310 manual

The SL range of gyros is now on Revision 4 internal software. If you wish to have your gyro upgraded, the cost is 12 including postage. Send your gyro to PO Box 101, Glossop, SK13 5ZW, with a cheque or credit card details. If you are outside the UK, or need further details, please contact us at tech@csm-ltd.co.uk.

If you have further problems or questions, please contact CSM on +44(0)1457 854680 or email tech@csm-ltd.co.uk

All our helicopter products are distributed worldwide through RC Models Distribution Ltd, and should be available from your local model shop or mail order company. To find your nearest stockist see the RC Models shops page

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