CSM Archive News 2008

NEW for 2008: REVLOCK 30: Collective management governor


October 2008

Dutch 3D Championship

We're glad to announce that Michiel Slegers, our Dutch pilot, has won the Dutch 3D Championship this year, to go with his excellent result in the 3D Masters.


Just take a look at this promotional page from the Royal Shakespeare Company. The 'childrens toy' referred to is a modified SL720 gyro! Never thought we'd get Patrick Stewart waxing lyrical about one of our products!

And for an overview of the specialist uses of the SL720 gyro, see our Specialist uses page.


September 2008

3D Championships, UK

And just about the last event of the year was the UK's 3D Championship, open to all UK pilots including champions. The venue was Croft Farm Water Park, Tewkesbury, which was a very pretty setting with a campsite. And we all agreed that the catering van was a lot better than the 3D Masters!

CSM had several sponsored pilots taking part:

Trevor Burley 2nd ...............................................Mike Eddington 3rd
Duncan Osbourn 6th.............................................Ashley Davis 7th
Darren Hardy 8th..................................................Roger Mayo 13th
..................................................................................Noel Cross 14th

Photos above are of Trevor and Mike receiving their trophies from Bob Johnston.

Duncan had mechanical problems which meant he only scored in two rounds, and Roger and Noel are really F3C pilots so this result in 3D is very good. And we've taken on board three more pilots, Adam Turner, Peter Ayriss, and Matt Lodge.


Taiwan Align Fly-in

Duncan Osbourn headed off to Taiwan for the Align Fly-in. Is it really cruel of me to say that I'm glad to see other countries suffer with the weather almost as bad as the UK? Although it was extremely hot - the lowest it got was 28 deg C - they had torrential rain so the ground was often under an inch or two of water. I have to admit though that the rain did tend to come as sudden thunderstorms so much of the time it was dry and good flying was had by all.

Duncan came 2nd, flying in the 700 Advanced class. Have a look at his flight to music - not surprisingly he always makes a very artistic job of this - he is also an accomplished pianist, and is studying music composition and technology at University.


Nationals, UK


CSM are very pleased to say that three of our pilots took part in the UK Nationals.

Dave Fisher came 1st in the F3C and will be heading the UK team for the International competition, with Roger Mayo coming 4th and so is team reserve. They'll be off to Indiana next August, we wish them good luck and good practice weather from now on.


And Dave Pacey came third in the Sportsmans category, seen left receiving his trophy.


Spy in the Jungle

The BBC repeat their series 'Spy in the Jungle' following a group of tiger cubs using 'spy' cameras carried by elephants - Tuskcam and Trunkcam, and other gadgets (remember Dungcam from a previous program?) including model helicopters, all designed and operated by Geoff Bell and his team of Flightcam and stabilised by multiple SL720 gyros.


July 2008

International 3D Masters

Attracting pilots from all around the world, this annual competition held in the UK has become the showcase of 3D helicopter flying. The competitors are getting younger every year - the youngest this year was just 8 - but there's room for the older ones as well - oldest was a respectable 45!

As always in the UK, we complained about the weather again - except that this time we said it was too hot, and in particular, too sunny as the pilots and the spectators have to look into the sky all the time.

This year, other than making sure our pilots had everything they needed, CSM treated the weekend as a holiday: we were available to talk to , but Colin had a rest from giving Seminars.


CSM sponsored many of the pilots taking part:

3rd Duncan Osbourn, UK
18th Jonathan Bossion, France
19th Kim Jensen, Denmark
20th Dave Fisher, UK
21st Andrea Puosi, Italy
22nd Darren Hardy, UK

Janette Mill & Duncan Osbourn

Michiel Slegers and his caller, Laura


5th Michiel Slegers, Netherlands
6th Dunkan Bossion, France
8th Trevor Burley, UK
10th Patrick Arnould, UK
12th Peter Roper, UK
13th Allan Bell-Seiler, Spain
15th Stefan Simmons, UK
16th Klaus Jensen, Denmark
18th David Nolan, Ireland
23rd Guiseppe Robertone, Italy

There was no Sportsman class this year because of the increased number of international pilots of Expert or above level that wanted to compete.

It was also nice to meet our young Canadian pilot, Bryan Regular, who attended the Masters to demonstrate one of the new helicopters on show.

Thankyou to all our pilots, and also the organisers of the 3D Masters, for a great weekend 


July 2008

3D de Niege, France


'3D of the Snow' - a competition held in France, but attracting pilots from many of the surrounding countries such as Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Italy.

And again the Bossion brothers, Jonathan and Dunkan, came 1st and 2nd.


June 2008


Dutch F3C competition

June 23rd saw Cees Verplanke winning the third round of the Dutch F3C nationals, having won both the first two rounds. So he remains the Dutch champion again!




Kim Jensen


Dutch National 3D

In June, the final rounds of various countries 3D competitions were held.

June 21st saw Michiel Slegers become the Dutch 3D champion.


Danish National 3D

And later in the month, brothers Kim and Klaus Jensen came 1st and 2nd in the Danish competition, and Knud Pedersen 3rd!


We look forward to seeing these pilots at the 3D Masters at the end of July, and we wish them all good luck with their continued practice.




Klaus Jensen



May, 2008

Clubman 3D, England


Held at Goole Rugby Football Club, this was the fourth annual Clubman competition, for pilots of Club ranking who had not taken part in international competitions. We had heard a lot about our young sponsored pilot, Stefan Simmons, but had not seen him fly in public - so we were extremely pleased to see him easily beat the rest of the field! This earns him a place in the 3D Masters, and at 13 he's one of the youngest competitors.

Thanks to all who organised the event, the setting was perfect, and I think it all went off smoothly (looked like it to all us spectators - probably frantic backstage!)


April, 2008

French 3D Mistral competition

Yet again Jonathan Bossion came first, but this time joined by his younger brother Dunkan at second!

We look forward to seeing both of them at the 3D Masters.


February, 2008

Introducing a new concept: Collective Management, another great performance enhancing idea from CSM.

RevLock 30 gives all the RPM control accuracy you are used to from CSM’s Phase-Locked governor technology, but also seamlessy incorporates automatic collective control into the governor function to allow a greater pitch range to be used without bogging down. This gives crisper transient high-g manoeuvrability while maintaining head-speed, engine power, rotor thrust and cyclic responsiveness during sustained high-g and high cyclic situations. This leaves you to concentrate on the flying, knowing that your heli is giving all it can. Of course RL30 simplifies set-up by eliminating the need for accurate pitch range optimisation.

On CCPM helicopters, combine RL30 with a CSM CycLock mixer unit to give the full RL30 Collective Management feature.

For more details see the RevLock page


Size 30mm x 35mm x 4mm, weight 9g

RRP £59.95


January, 2008

Happy New Year!

Well, another year over! It started quiet for CSM, but has built up momentum until we're rushed off our feet. Shouldn't grumble, but it does mean that a lot of time is taken up with production, and not so much with research and developement, and even less with testing.

Email us if you have any news concerning CSM products, and also if you have a 'wish-list' of things you'd like us to do.