CSM Archive News 2007
NEW for 2007: CycLock, SL630 Gyro & CarbSmart

September, 2007

French Nationals, F3C

We're very pleased to report that Jerome Ruiz came 1st in the Sport Category, and 5th in the International Category.


September, 2007

Munich Heli Masters

Kim Jensen flew in the Munich Helimasters against some very tough European competition. After the preliminary rounds he placed 3rd, but reckons that nerves got the better of him in the finals and he finished 6th.

The photo shows Kim and his brother Klaus, who is also a CSM pilot.


September, 2007

CarbSmart - CSMs latest little gadget!

This little item from CSM monitors cyclinder head temperature to control the mixture.

Quite honestly we didn't think this would do very much - at last years 3D Masters the weather was so hot that a lot of the pilots had problems with their engines so we thought we ought to do something about it - of course we got this produced just in time for the wettest 3D Masters ever! In fact, its proved very effective, and much more popular than we ever imagined.

- Controls fuel mixture by monitoring cylinder head temperature.
- Simplifies mixture adjustment.
- Helps protect engine
- Makes mixture less critical to weather changes.
- Allows higher, more consistent, power output.


RRP £29.95

For further details see the CarbSmart page.

How it works:
Using a temperature sensor on the cylinder head CarbSmart leans or richens the fuel mixture in flight by means of a servo connected to the main needle of the carburettor. No Rx channel is required. The target temperature and the amount of adjustment are set by the user.


August, 2007

Irish Nationals

David Nolan again won the Irish Nationals using a Ion X2 and a Stratus, kitted out with CSM gear.

And PJ Harte came third - so CSM have dominated the Irish!

The photo to the left shows David with all the trophies he's won this year - The Irish Nationals, the Heli Challenge Trophy and his Nationals Gold medallion.


And below is PJ:


July, 2007

3D Masters, International

Held in the UK, this competition attracts the World's best 3D pilots. Unfortunately the weather was against us this year, so thanks to all who kept our spirits up, and kept going - from Jeff Barringer who organises it, to the Judges, helpers, Competitors, trade stands, and the spectators. Although Friday ended up a washout from the competition point of view, there were some demonstrations, and Colin gave a talk in the Seminar tent on tail control. But at just before 3pm the water suddenly ran into the tents and all was abandoned!

Saturday and Sunday were much better, and the competition rounds only had to be cut a little to fit it all in. CSM had 15 pilots flying, five in each category, results were:


4th Duncan Osbourn, UK
11th Jonathan Bossion, France
15th Jerome Ruiz, France
16th Nigel Brown, Australia
18th Paul Lison, UK


3rd Peter Roper, UK
4th Kim Jensen, Denmark
6th Andrea Puosi, Italy
10th David Nolan, Ireland
14th Guiseppe Robertone, Italy


Guiseppe Robertone, Italy


3rd Trevor Burley, UK
8th Matthew Booth, UK
10th Dunkan Bossion, France
14th Lee Bates, UK
15th Vladimer Golubev, Russian Federation

On the Saturday, Colin gave a talk about head design, frightening everyone by having a model helicopter at eye level only a few feet from the spectators (as if we don't do that all the time at club fields!)

Trevor Burley, UK

July, 2007

AMA Nationals

Chunky! And no, I don't mean the American pilot!

Darrell Sprayberry took 2nd place in the American Model Associations Scale Nationals, with this magnificent model - note it is flybarless, using the CSM Cyclock and two SL720 gyros.


July, 2007

Dutch 3D Championship

This championship is run over three rounds during May, June and July, in the Netherlands.

CSM pilot Michiel Slegers came 2nd in each round - first place being taken each time by Nando van Arnheim who's in the Master class of the 3D Masters later in the month - so competition is fierce!

June 2007

XFC, America

Wow! Our teenaged Canadian pilot, Bryan Regular, got a place in the Extreme Flight Championships in the United States.


He reports that he was very honoured to be able to fly with the greatest and that it was very exciting. He placed 19th - a very creditable achievement.


May 2007

Mistral 3D, France


We're very pleased to announce that Jonathan Boisson won the top French 3D competition, the Mistral 3D.


May 2007

Clubman 3D competition

Beautiful weather for the weekends competition - what a difference from last year! Thanks to LHC for the use of their site, and to Mike Eddington and Paul Lison for organising it (both CSM pilots!)

We're glad to report that Patrick Arnould and Trevor Burley, CSM pilots, came 2nd and 3rd, Mike Eddington crashing in the Freestyle and coming a lowly 13th (but I think he had lots of other things on his mind as well!)


Photo shows Patrick talking to Duncan Osbourn, CSM pilot and judge.


March 2007

SL630 gyro - a top grade gyro at a Sportsman price.


  • Ultra-stable, high bandwidth, wide dynamic range silicon SMM sensor
  • Link selectable frame rate - 250 or 333fps For use with digital servos only.
  • SL630 has two internal settings - one for use with small electric machines, the other for 30+ size.
  • Three-stage power supply regulation gives you the widest choice in operating voltage (3.3 to 8.4v) to optimise servo performance
  • Individually temperature calibrated - no more than 5 degrees drift per MINUTE at temperatures between -10 and +50 Centigrade
  • Vibration Isolating Mounting System (also available separately) to minimise vibration from powerful engines

Comes with all leads required, Vibration Isolating Mounting System, frame-rate link and full instructions.


RRP £109.95

At the same time, we have reduced the prices of all our gyros to reflect the ever decreasing price of electronics. To further help keep costs down, we no longer supply a PC interface with our SL560 and SL720 gyros - these can be bought separately, and only one is needed for all CSM PC interfaceable products - SL560, SL720, RevLock 20 and CycLock1, see Spares and Accessories


January 2007

NEW CycLock CCPM Manager

We may have been quiet on the news front, but in the background we've been beavering away to bring you new products for 2007. The first of these is a CCPM Manager.

CycLock - a real alternative to expensive in-transmitter mixing -
and the gateway to electronically stabilised flybarless operation.

RRP £49.95

Requires a CSM PC interface for set-up:
LPT interface (as supplied with SL720 and SL560 gyros) £12.95 .......USB adapter £24.95
Both supplied with all software for SL720, SL560 (Rev 4), Revlock 20 and Cyclock1

And just add two SL720 gyros to go flybarless
For more details

January 2007

How robust is the SL720?

We all know that there is a limit to what gyro sensors will stand - but the silicon sensor of the SL720 has proved to be very robust, surviving crashes that really should have killed it off - we had one gyro for repair that had had its top sliced off by the blades - but the sensor still worked!

But there are limits, and this unfortunate Scottish pilot finally killed one off - complete with car and two models. Cause of fire unknown.