CSM Archive news, 2006

October 2006

Russian Federation Heli 3D Maniacs

CSM sponsored pilot Vladimir Golubev came 1st in the Russian National 3D competition, the Heli Maniacs. You may remember Vlad from the 3D Masters in July - the large Russian bear - but he's a softie really!

September 2006

Thunder Tiger Raptor Cup, France

We have had news from our French retailer, Thierry Rolland of Jouetec, that their pilot Olivier Delbouys, has won the Thunder Tiger Raptor Cup in France, flying a Century Swift. He used a CSM gyro with Hitec servos, and Flightpower batteries. He was the only electric machine taking part - and shows that this method of propulsion is no handicap, and is the way forward!

Irish Nationals

The Irish Nationals were held first week of September, and one of our newly sponsored pilots, David Nolan 'paid' for his sponsorship in fine style by winning!

And not far behind was another of our pilots, P.J. Harte in fourth place (with only 6 points separating 2nd and 4th)

Well done to all who took part.

August 2006

CSM at the 3D Masters, Northampton, UK, end of July

The CSM team attended the 3D Masters and a great time was had by all. Being English, there was always the weather to complain about - it was TOO hot! Luckily it's a fully international competition, and we really enjoyed meeting the pilots we sponsor from around the world:

Masters: ......Duncan Osbourn, UK ............4th ...4th
.................... ..Paul Lison, UK.......................11th
.......................Jonathan Bossion, France....15th

Experts:........Peter Roper, UK ...................7th
.......................Dave Fisher, UK....................8th

Sportsmen:...Matthew Booth, UK.............11th
.......................Vladimir Golubev, Russia....15th

and our commiserations to Chris Lupa, UK, and Soren Jorgensen, Demark, who were unable to compete for technical reasons (not because of problems with their CSM products, I hasten to add!)

We welcome on board Ron Sebastian, Germany, and David Nolan, Ireland and wish them all a happy years flying in preperation for next year!

Well done to everyone who took part, and to all the organisers!

As well as supporting our pilots, the boss, Colin Mill, gave a talk on gyro design, attended by a whole crowd of spectators using the slope of the ground as a natural ampitheatre. Sorry if it was so interesting that many of you missed something like 3 hours of flying while he answered your questions!


June 2006

New RevLock RL20 out now!

Go to the RevLock page

After the runaway success of CSM's first engine governor, the RevLock RL10, we're proud to announce the latest version!

This has some significant new features: in particular, you can now choose either a Governor or a Limiter option AND adjust the settings using a PC interface.

And the best news for existing CSM users is that you can use their existing LPT port interface, supplied with the SL720 and SL560 (and optional with the ICG540), so you've no need to buy another interface to access these new features.

For those who do need an interface, the LPT interface is now just £12.95 in the shops.

Plus now available: USB interface designed for portable computers, priced £24.95. Suitable for use with the SL720, SL560 (Rev. 4) and RL20.

April 2006

ALL NEW Second Integral Heading Lock
Unique to CSM's new SL310 Micro gyro

The SL310 Micro is now in the shops at a recommended price of £79.95

But, due to a last-minute brainwave, the SL310 is now even more revolutionary!

Second Integral is the new Heading Lock. Instead of locking the helicopter to a desired yaw rate, it monitors the heading and actively forces the servo to respond. Previously, servo speed was the main limit on the performance of gyros. Now the SL310 Micro can give firm hold even with low speed servos.

All this makes the SL310 Micro the perfect gyro for new modellers.

Second Integral is currently available only in the SL310 Micro, since it is most useful to beginners whose servos may not be of high quality. However, CSM are hoping to roll it out to other gyro models, possibly as a customisable option.

Find out more about the SL310 Micro


March 2006

OUT SOON! NEW SL310 Micro sport gyro

Smaller box, bigger performance!

CSM's SL310 beginners' gyro is now smaller and better. Unlike the old SL310, it can make the most of digital servos, although it still performs well with standard servos. It's also set up specifically to give the best support to new flyers. And it is just 24mm square - ideal now that more and more people are starting on small electric models.

Plus, of course, it still has all the features of our Smart Lock gyro range: heading lock and conventional modes, Yaw Rate Demand for high gain levels, and Quick Setup to take the hassle out of installation.

More details....

Available soon from your local model shop. RRP £79.95

January 2006

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers! 2005 was a big year for CSM, as you can see in our archive, and we're hoping to make 2006 even better. So watch this space!