CSM Archive news, 2005


October 2005

OUT NOW! The NEW SL720 gyro

The new top-of-the-range SL720 has already been seen in action at the 3D Masters in July, where it was used by champion Duncan Osbourn.

For the SL720, CSM have chosen a silicon micro-machined sensor instead of the traditional ceramic sensor. This gyro is faster to respond than ever before and can also cope with even higher pirouette speeds. Just see Duncan's flights for a demonstration of how total Chaos needs total control!


Every SL720 will be individually temperature calibrated to prevent drift. This means that the SL720 can operate at temperatures from -10 degrees to +50 degrees Centigrade without drifting more than five degrees per minute!

The SL720 also allows you to use all the major digital servos, including the new Futaba 9251. The PC interface and software supplied with every unit will allow you to set the pulsewidths. Three-stage power supply regulation gives you the widest choice in operating voltage (3.3 to 8.4v)

The SL720 is available NOW, priced £144.95


October 2005

NEW SL420 Electric

As Electric flight is becoming more and more popular, CSM have decided to recognise the particular needs of electric helicopters.

From now on, our SL420 Micro gyro will be going out with two different internal software versions - Revision 4 and Revision 4E. Revision 4E is suitable for small and medium sized Electric helicopters such as the TRex. Please make sure to specify which version you want when ordering your gyro!

Please note: if you using an SL420 or SL560 Micro gyro in a small electric helicopter, we do not recommend getting an upgrade from Revision 3 software.



September 2005

Travels with a gyro

Believe it or not, there's more to life than flying! CSM have come back down to earth with a specially commissioned gyro for wheelchairs. One gyro has already been fitted to the wheelchair of a severely disabled man to make sure it travels straight without requiring much steering from the user.

Another gyro is currently in Africa where it should end up on the trunk of an elephant! A BBC documentary team has taken several gyros for stabilising miniature cameras.


July 2005


CSM's sponsored pilot Duncan Osbourn has won the 3D Masters!

Duncan was using the CSM RevLock engine governor and the NEW CSM SL720 gyro, which will start mass production in the Autumn.

Duncan, who is only seventeen, came top of the leader board throughout the helicopter aerobatics championships. See clips of his winning flights (provided by Lance Publishing) here

Duncan has been sponsored by CSM since his first appearance at the 3D Masters in 2002. CSM saw this young pilot's potential aged only 14, and he obviously felt the same about us! Although he has been offered other leading gyros for free, he has stuck with CSM and the collaboration has paid off.

We look forward to bringing you more news of Duncan's successes in the future!


July 2005


Colin Mill first founded CSM ten years ago this month. At that time, our only product was the CSM Simulator (which is still available, now on Version 10) and it was a leap of faith for physics lecturer Colin and his family. But since then we've gone from strength to strength. Thank you to everybody who has helped us over the past ten years, and also to Duncan for a well-timed birthday present!


May 2005

Goodbye Andy!

Sadly, CSM are saying goodbye to Andy Powell, our engineer and webmaster. But at least we have the satisfaction of knowing he hasn't thrown us over for just anyone! He has taken up the job of a lifetime at Renault F1 - the team looking set to win the Driver's Championship this year. Andy has been with us for seven years, and we wish him all the best.

May 2005

Now available: Revision 4 internal software for the SL range of gyros:

Enhanced performance with governed engines, smoother pirouette entries, and better cross-wind handling. Governors have transformed the world for the gyro: constant tail rotor speed provides the gyro with consistant tail power to work with but the gyro must work harder to compensate for the torque changes a governed engine throws at it. CSM has addressed the changes needed to optimize gyro performance with a governor, and Revision 4 is the result. At the same time CSM has encorporated new code that gives smoother pirouette entries and better cross-wind handling characteristics - products of CSM’s continuous research in Heading Lock.

If you wish to have your gyro upgraded, the cost is £12 including postage. Send your gyro to PO Box 101, Glossop, SK13 5ZW, with a cheque or credit card details. If you are outside the UK, or need further details, please contact us at tech@csm-ltd.co.uk    

March 2005

Now available - a version of RevLock using the Stator Gator sensor.

Although RevLock can be used with petrol/gasser engines (the manual includes instructions on how to run RevLock at lower RPM than standard), it can be difficult to find a place for the sensor, so a version to use the 'Stator Gator' sensor for gasser engines has been developed.

RRP £39.95, sensor not included - for this see www.statorgator.com.