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General Motion Control

Design of microprocessor and sensor controlled motion

Although CSM Design Consultancy Ltd has now made its name in electronic control systems for model helicopters, its original brief was design of anything that can be microprocessor contolled, often in conjunction with movement or position sensors.

As a spin-off from our gyro systems in model helicopters, we are now able to gyro stabilize almost anything!

The remarkable flexibility that the PC interface of our SL720 gyro provides means that a standard 'off the shelf' gyro can be used for a variety of specialist applications, not only on radio control models, but for camera stabilisation, wheelchairs, lighting rigs etc. It's even been used to stabilize boats (full size yachts). For direct use of the SL720 gyro, please see our page on specialist gyro uses
But we can also do bespoke gyro stablized systems for any application.

Other spin-offs from the model trade have been mixture control on engines - starting from the CarbSmart for model engines, we have now developed systems for mixture/temperature control on racing cars, and for a bricketing machine (compressing sawdust to make burnable bricks), and also a RevLock governor adaption for generators.

We have also been working with accelerometers and GPS systems, and data logging systems.

In particular we have been working with Maxon Motors, and using their sensored brushless motors we can control position and rotation of almost anything - eg automatic safety blinds where many turns of the motor are required, to a rotating advertising hoarding where accurate part rotation is required.

Other past projects include an  automated electroplating line and a  heated press control both of which  involved 'fuzzy logic' to control and coordinate timing and heating.

If you have any project where you feel we could help, please contact us at tech@csm-ltd.co.uk or phone (+44) 0 1457 854680

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