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Gyros: the Micro SmartLock range

Finding it hard to choose a gyro?
Should you go for Conventional or Heading Lock? Fast pirouettes or a rock-steady hover? Clean stops or high holding power? The SmartLock range gives you the best of both worlds - whatever level you're at.

CSM has been working to improve gyro performance for the 3D pilot in several major areas and to break down some traditional trade-offs:
Stop Quality v Hold We don't see why you should have to sacrifice stop quality for holding power or vice versa. That's why we developed SmartLock - Heading Lock with brains. It gives you the holding power of high levels of Heading Lock without having to sacrifice stop quality.
Drift v Dynamic performance We didn't want to accept reduced control in high speed pirouetting manoeuvres for reduced drift in the hover. We have been working with our sensor supplier so that our second generation sensors deliver excellent stability while increasing the possible pirouette speed.
Symmetrical Handling By their very nature, helicopters are asymmetric. However, we think your gyro should do its utmost to iron out imperfections of the machine so you don't have to. Although there is no substitute for a well designed and set up tail system, our Acceleration Gain and Dual Independent Stop-Gain facilities help to put real polish to your heli's performance.

SmartLock gyros offer two modes, which you can switch in-flight for the best performance. SmartLock mode gives you Heading Lock with brains, for high control and fast stops. With Standard mode, you get the 'feel' of a conventional gyro, but with Yaw Rate Demand: consistent response to yaw commands, even with high gain levels.

Plus, ALL our Smart Lock gyros now have the following features:

  • Micro size: 24mm x 24mm x 20mm, weight 12g. The smallest fully-featured gyros in the world!
  • Quick Setup: easy initial set-up on the field
  • Quick Trim: for the most accurate and symmetrical trim setting
  • Two-stage power supply regulation: usable with a wide range of power supply voltages
  • Accurate measurement of transmitted pulses, with a filter to remove stick bounce 
  • Support both digital and standard servos

SL560. Our top gyro after the SL720. PC Interfaceable for full customisability. Digital servo support.
SL420 The same as the SL560 but without the PC interface for customisation. Comes in two forms - the SL420 for all size models, but particularly 30+ size, and the SL420e gyro, specially set up for use in T-Rex 450 and similar models.
SL310 Beginners' dual mode gyro. Specially set up to give the best performance and easiest use in basic and intermediate flight,  for 30+ size models.

Please note: CSM are constantly updating the internal microchip programmes in their gyros for extra performance. But this doesn't mean that existing customers miss out. You can get your gyro upgraded to the latest Revision 4 for 12. See the technical support page for details. We do not recommend updating your Micro SL420 Rev 3 if you plan to use this gyro with a small electric helicopter.


  • Controls pirouettes up to 750 degrees a second
  • Optimal performance with Digital/Super servos (conventional also usable)
  • PC interfaceable: access to over 20 internal gyro parameters, so you can customise your gyro to your flying style.
  • Dual Independent Stop Tracking to optimise both left and right stops
  • Set your own Modes: either SmartLock and Conventional, or any two customised settings
  • Plus all the usual SmartLock features
G is for gyro!
CSM0030..... SL 560 Micro................. 104.95
The smallest fully-featured heading lock gyro in the world! 24mm x 24mm x 20mm, weight 11g
Ideal for small electric helicopters where weight is critical.
Supplied with mounting foams, 300mm leads and software. PC interface available.

Leads of 100 - 500mm are also available - see our Spares and Accessories page for these, spare mounting foams and PC interface.. This gyro is also suitable for use with the Anti Vibration Mounting System

Revision 4 is set up for use with 30+ size models. For use with small electrics use the PC interface to take the heading hold gain down to 26, and make sure the acceleration gain is at least 140, up to 180. This is the set-up used in the SL420e for small electrics.

More information on the SL560               Technical and setup help

Download manual                    Download  PC interface manual                          

Download Rev 4 software       Download Rev3 software (available for LPT port only)

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Essentially, the SL420 is identical to the SL560, with the one difference that it has no PC interface and so cannot be customised by the pilot.
  • Controls pirouettes up to 750 degrees a second
  • Optimal performance with Digital/Super servos (conventional also usable)
  • Plus all the usual SmartLock features.
Micro Sl420 gyroMicro Sl420 gyroThe smallest gyro in the world, whatever your currency!
Available in two versions:

CSM0038..... SL 420 Micro...................89.95
The smallest fully-featured heading lock gyros in the world! 24 mm x 24mm x 20mm, weight 11g
Ideal for all helicopters 30 size and up. Supplied with mounting foams, 300mm leads and PC interface and software. Leads of 100 - 500mm are available separately. This gyro is also suitable for use with the Anti Vibration Mounting System.

CSM0039.....SL420e Micro ................89.95
SL420 Micro gyro with Revision 4e software for small electric helicopters.  Please note: to get the optimum performance from your small electric heli, you will need a high-speed digital servo, most of the main manufacturers now do a mini or micro digital servo.

More information on the  SL420 and SL420e        Technical and setup help

Download  manual (same for both versions)

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SL310 Micro Sport gyro, for basic and intermediate flight:
  • Usable with Conventional or Digital servo
  • Second Integral to enhance the performance of cheaper servos
  • Specially designed for hovering and simple flight
  • Greater support for inexperienced flyers
  • Extended manual: easy-to-follow installation, plus a full guide to helicopter set-up for beginners
  • Plus all the usual SmartLock features
Frequently Asked Questions by beginners

I don't have a lot of money to spare - do I really need a dual mode CSM gyro?
A big question for many beginners is, 'Should I start with Conventional or Heading Lock?' Most experienced flyers use Heading Lock, so it is important to get used to it as soon as possible. However, some pilots feel that conventional gyros are easier in simple flight, as the helicopter points the way it is going. The SL310 Micro gives the best of both worlds: SmartLock ('Heading Lock with brains') and Standard Mode. There is a full range of SmartLock gyros, so you will find it easy to move up the range as you progress. With CSM, you can also be certain of full technical and customer support - if you have any set-up questions, just call us!

 But won't I have to upgrade fairly soon anyway?
The SL310 will not allow fast pirouettes and advanced aerobatics. We wish you the best of luck in getting this far! But many people spend months and even years on the basics, and a good beginner's gyro is important in giving you the support you need to learn quickly. The SL310 Micro is also similar enough to the SL420, SL560, SL630 and SL720 that you will find it easy to get used to these gyros when you upgrade. We also recommend a RevLock engine governor for beginners. These are easy to set up when used with a basic engine (30 or 50 size with a muffler) and will reduce the amount of fiddling with throttle and pitch curves that you would otherwise need to do as you progress.

 Will I need an expensive servo?
No - the SL310 Micro can be used with either conventional or digital servos. CSM has pioneered Second Integral Heading Lock which enhances the performance of the slower servos. We recommend you upgrade to a digital servo as and when you can afford it - and there will be no need to change your gyro!

 I want to fly a small electric heli - will the SL310 be suitable?
Unfortunately, small ('450' size or less) electric helis are very quick and sensitive, which can make them difficult for beginners, and we do not recommend them. If you do wish to try a small model, we would recommend our  SL420e gyro which is set up specifically for small electric models.

 Is the SL310 Micro suitable for the bigger helis?
We don't recommend using the SL310 in 60 or 90 size helis or petrol driven helis: no real problem in using it, but if you need a beginner gyro you should stick to beginner helis!

 I don't know much about helicopters yet. Will I find the gyro difficult to set up?
The ICG180 and HLG200 both need to be adjusted by hand, but the SL310 Micro has a Quick Setup routine, which is done on the ground, making the setup simple and accurate. There is also an optional Quick Trim procedure, which is done in flight, and removes most errors in tail linkage. The most difficult aspect for beginners is setting up the helicopter and transmitter. The gyro manual includes tips on perfecting the helicopter setup. The CSM team are also happy to help - just call us or send an email.

More information on the SL310         Technical and setup help

CSM0044.... SL310 Micro.............69.95

Download the manual

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Sl310 micro gyro

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