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NEW for 2010: ThrottleSafe & BECSafe: with safety in mind.

NEW for 2009: REVLOCK 40: G-sensitive Collective management.

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November 2011

Well, although the winter is holding off for the moment, this is the end of the flying season: hope you all haven't too much post-crash maintenance to do this winter and can even maybe look forward to building a new model.  Keep your eye in by doing some indoor flying or using a simulator, and you'll be ready to go in the spring.
Throughout the year CSM has sponsored various flyins etc by clubs, usually by supplying raffle prizes. By this means we hope that the grass roots flying in clubs can keep going in this economic climate.
October 2011


The final rounds of the F3C competition concluded with Roger Mayo coming fourth, ie reserve for the UK team for the next World championship.


And for the first time ever, a 3D competition run by the FAI was run at the same time as the F3C competition.. Only 5 pilots were brave enough to take part, 4 of whom were CSM pilots:

1st Duncan Osbourn
3rd Rob Turnbull
4th Dave Fisher
5th Peter Ayriss

So Duncan and Rob are in the team, with Dave as reserve, for the competition in Germany nest year.
September 2011

3D Championship

Held again at Croft Farm (a brilliant venue) this has a Championship section, and an intermediate section. As usual in the UK, CSM sponsored pilots, using the CSM SL720 tail gyro, dominated the Championship category:

1st Duncan Osbourne
3rd Rob Turnbull
5th Dave Fisher
6th Adam Turner
7th Peter Ayriss
8th Danny Lock
9th Matt Lodge

Well done to them all. Don't know if any of the intermediates use CSM products - if so, we'd like to hear from them with a view to sponsoring.
Taiwan Funfly

This is an annual event hosted by Align Helicopters, and includes an invitational competition for Align sponsored pilots. All four UK Align pilots are CSM sponsored and use CSM gyros on the tail: Duncan Osbourne, Darren Hardy, Danny Lock, and Peter Ayriss.
August 2011
US National Scale Competition

Glad to say that Darrell Sprayberry has come up to the top of his field again, having come 1st  this year at the US National Scale competition. This follows a couple of years of (slightly) lesser achievment as he built his new model. Well done for perseverance!
F3C championships
Cees VerplankeNetherlands:  Cees Verplanke yet again dominated the Netherlands F3C competition, the photo is of him receiving his trophy for winning the first round in May.
World F3C, Italy
CSM had three pilots taking part in the World F3C competition, which was I believe dominated by the Japanese, with the USA  also in full strength.

Kim Jensen          Denmark     43rd
Cees Verplanke  Netherlands  48th
Roger Mayo        UK              54th

Well done to them all, in a very competitive field, particulalry to Kim who has only recently changed to the F3C format from 3D.
3D competition, Denmark

Klaus Jensen came 2nd in the Danish 3D Competition this year -  he missed one round due to work comittments, so this is an excellent result.
July 2011
3D Masters 2011

Held again in the Netherlands, which had proved very popular last year, but I'm not sure there were as many entrants - due to the economic climate I presume.

CSM had 6 pilots taking part - a bit different to a few years ago when we were a quarter of the field, but more than last year, well done to them all:

Duncan Osbourn   UK       6th
Jonathan Bossion  France  12th
Adam Turner         UK       24th

Stefan Simmons  UK           9th
Klaus Jensen       Denmark  12th
Danny Lock        UK           18th

June 2011

Zone Format Competition

On the weekend of 18/19th June, the first Zone Format competition was held at Weston Park. This 3D competition has a group round, followed by knockout rounds. All five CSM pilots came through their group competition, and Duncan Osbourne won.


1st Duncan Osbourne
3rd Stefan Simmons

Top 8:  Paul Lison (knocked out by Duncan)
            Danny Lock (knocked out by 4th place Bellot)

Top 16: Dave Fisher

Well done to them all, and confirming that Duncan is still the UKs no. 1 - but he needs to watch out - Stefan is much younger and maturing fast!


January 2011

Happy New Year to you all!

2010 came rather rapidly to a halt with all that bad weather, but hopefully it will improve from now on so 'Good Flying' to you all - work on getting your machines ready for the new season - it won't be long now.

August - September 2010

UK 3D Championships

A great weekend again - the flying at least, even if the weather wasn't so good! As usual, CSM dominates the UK market with many sponsored pilots competing - and doing very well. Congratulations to them all:

Champions Class:

1st Duncan Osbourn
2nd Adam Turner
4th Rob Turnbull
7th Peter Ayriss
8th Dave Nolan
9th Darren Hardy
10th Dave Fisher
14th Ashley Davis

Intermediates Class:

3rd Matt Lodge
4th Shane Marshall
5th Mike Eddington


F3C Championships

The various European countries F3C championships came to an climax over the end of the Summer.

UK championship - 2nd Dave Fisher .........4th Roger Mayo

So Dave is in the UK team, with Roger as reserve for next years European championship which I believe is to be held in Italy. Good luck to the whole team for that.

Dutch championship 1st Cees Verplanke

For the 24th time!!

Cees Verplanke
August 2010

BMFA Nationals

And to show that our products aren't only for the 3D pilot, Dave Pacey won the BMFA Sportsman Nationals this year - an F3C competition.

Park Hall - 3D Cup

Two new competitions, the 3D cup and the Clubman cup were run this year by Park Hall Club. This split the field into two groups - established pilots, all of which have taken part in other competitions, and 'club' or 'grass-root' pilots - newbies to competition. This created a list of pilots most of us have not heard of - but hopefully will hear a lot more of in the future. I know not everyone wants to take part in competitions, but for those that do it must be very daunting to try to compete against the likes of Duncan Osbourn!

n the 3D cup, CSM had 6 sponsored pilots:

1st Duncan Osbourn
2nd Adam Turner
4th Peter Ayriss
6th Matt Lodge
8th Mike Eddington
10th Shane Marshall

Well done to them all!

July 2010
3D Masters 2010

I think we've found the place to hold this event - Venlo in Holland proved very successful! This has now become a real international event, so this year there were many fewer British pilots - and so, unfortunately, less CSM sponsored pilots. But those we had enjoyed themselves and did as well as they expected, so well done to them:


Duncan Osbourne (UK) 14th
Kim Jensen (Denmark) 24th


Stefan Simmons (UK) 8th
Danny Lock (UK) 14th

And other CSM sponsored pilots were taking part in the weekend:

Michiel Slegers (Netherlands) was involved with the organisation, so didn't take part, but thanks to him and his colleagues at the flying field for all their help.

And thanks to the Bossion brothers, Jonathan and Dunkan, (France) for demo flights.


June 2010

UK 3D Cup

It's always been difficult to find a venue to hold competitions - so in organising this one, Craig Simmons of Black Country Models took advantage of a ready made show - the Weston Park Model Air Show. This meant that as well as show casing the best in the UKs 3D heli pilots it helped to spread heli flying to a wider audience. It was held under 3DX rules, in preparation for the 3D Masters the following month.

We're proud to say that 5 of the 13 pilots were sponsored by CSM, and four of these came in the top 5!


........1st ........Duncan Osbourne
........2nd ..... .Adam Turner
........3rd .......Stuart Smith
........4th .......Stefan Simmons
........5th .......Dave Fisher


March 2010

New: ThrottleSafe
Improving safety for IC powered models

Size 34 x 34 x 21mm,

Weight 31g including on-board rechargeable batteryThrottlesafe

Improving safety for IC powered models
Regulated LiPo supplies provide a constant voltage supply to your RC system at low weight. However, they do run the risk of sudden regulator failure leaving you with no control and, with no servo power, defeating the receiver's fail-safe system. With IC models this means you can have the throttle stuck wherever it was when the regulator failed! ThrottleSafe protects against this eventuality by shutting the throttle servo using its on-board reserve battery should the regulator supply drop too low or fail completely.

RRP 49.95

For further details, see the ThrottleSafe page

New: BECSafe
Improving safety for electric powered models:

BEC failures can be very expensive. When faulty, BECs may place close to the full battery voltage onto the RC system burning out your receiver, servos and gyro - and leaving you with no control over the model! BECSafe protects against this as well as under-voltage and total power loss failures in BEC powered systems.

RRP 14.95 ..Current capacity: 10 amps. Low voltage loss (typically less than 0.1v with 5 amps load). 35mm x 26mm x 9mm 12g

For further details see the BECSafe page

January 2010

Happy New Year!

Hope you are all well, and looking forward to a new years flying! The recession has unfortunately hit the model trade, with several shops closing, and even the big players showing decreased sales. But be positive - the worst is over, and good weather should be on its way - bet a lot of you have found that plastic canopies are very brittle when you crash in the snow!

September 2009

3D Championships, UK

A very successful 3D Championships was held again at Croft Water Park - an excellent venue. Yet again CSM pilots dominated, particularly in the Championship class:

1st Duncan Osbourn................4th Rob Turnbull.......................5th Adam Turner
6th Danny Lock........................7th Paul Lison............................9th Peter Ayriss
10 Dave Fisher........................12th Paddy Arnould..................14th Darren Hardy
15th Mike Eddington

And we have a few in the Intermediates class:

7th Matt Lodge.......................12th Roger Mayo.........................13th Noel Cross

Well done to all, and to the fact that the event raised over 2000 for Cancer Research.

American Nationals, Scale

Darrell Sprayberry has continued to do well in the Scale competitions in America, although he 'only' came 4th this year as his new model wasn't quite complete. Picture right of his Jet Ranger when he took part at IRCHA. Jet Ranger heli

August 2009

Park Hall 3D Cup, UK

The 1st Park Hall 3D Cup was held 8-9th August, attracting some of the best UK pilots. As usual CSM had several competitors, and a lot of winners:

90 class ........Duncan Osbourn.................... .50 class ........ .....Shane Marshall

Junior class....Stefan Simmons......................Veteran class..... Rob Turnbull (using CSM gear, now sponsored by us!)

Electric class..Trevor Burley ........................Also competeing: Andy Johnstone, Mike Eddington amd Matt Lodge


July 2009

International 3D Masters

Attracting pilots from all around the world, this annual competition is the showcase of 3D helicopter flying. This year it was held in Spain - guarantees no rain, although there tends to be a sea breeze, and not quite so convenient for accommodation or spectators, but a good load of flying got done!

The competitors are getting younger every year - 50 % of the flyers were under 21!

Rob McKinstry went along to represent CSM, and make sure our sponsored pilots had everything they needed - not sure his wife was too impressed - it was halfway through their honeymoon!

CSM sponsored many of the pilots taking part:


2nd Duncan Osbourn, UK
9th Kim Jensen, Denmark
16th Dunkan Bossion, France
17th Jonathan Bossion, France
20th Dave Fisher, UK
21st Andrea Puosi, Italy
22nd Adam Turner, UK


4th Peter Roper, UK
12th Michiel Slegers, Netherlands
17th Stefan Simmons, UK
19th Klaus Jensen, Denmark

Duncan also won the Flight to Music category - have a look at his winning flight!

Not as many CSM pilots took part this year - we sponsor a lot of Expert level pilots from the UK, and many didn't feel able to take part this time.


June 2009

Dutch Competitions

Cees Verplanke

Yet again our two Dutch pilots did well in their championships:

To the left see Cees Verplanke receiving his trophy for 1st place in the F3C competition, and Michiel Slegers came first in the 3D competition.


May 2009

NEW! RevLock 40

Advanced G-Sensitive Collective Management.

Now there is no need to compromise your set-up between high-g capability and ultimate climb and flight speeds. RL40 intelligently applies collective management to give you the best of both worlds.
Like its predecessor, the RL30, this governor will, when needed, limit the amount of collective pitch available to prevent excessive loss of head-speed in high-g manoeuvres. However, RL40 goes one stage further, and by incorporating an accelerometer is able to recognize low-g flight situations such as fast forward flight and vertical climbs where greater performance can be obtained by allowing more collective pitch to be employed even where this results in some loss of head speed.

It also greatly simplifies the set-up and installation by removing the need for careful pitch range adjustment.

For further details see the RevLock page

RevLock40 & accelerometer head

Main unit 30mm x 35mm x 4mm, weight 9g
Accelerometer 18mm x 26mm x 4mm, weight 2g

RRP 73.50


April 2009

3D Mistral Trophy, France

The competition for this trophy was run in early April, and won, yet again by the Bossion brothers, Jonathan 1st and Dunkan 2nd. Watch a video of some synchronised flying they did that weekend.

Later in the month was the first round of the Danish 3D competition, and again our two pilots came 1st and 2nd, Kim and Klaus Jensen. Danish National TV was there, recording for a sports program, and this clip was shown on the national news. It doesn't feature our two pilots, but it's nice to see some serious recognition of the sport.


March 2009

Las Vegas Ulimate Helis

Mike Fortin, one of our US pilots, came 5th in this competition of the most aggresive 3D freestyle heli flying there is, using a SL720 gyro and RevLock 30.


January 2009

Wishing you a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Well, I hope it's happy & prosperous - the economic climate is looking gloomy, but we're happy to say that CSM continues fine at present. Manufacturing in the UK has sheltered us from exchange rate problems and the increase in costs from Far Eastern salary increases.


All our helicopter products are distributed worldwide through RC Models Distribution Ltd, and should be available from your local model shop or mail order company. To find your nearest stockist see the RC Models shops page

phone +44 (0)1457 860001 or email sales@rcmodels.org
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