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The ICG360 Gyro is now out of production with the last batch having been manufactured in April 1999. We will attempt to service these gyros if they are sent to us, but sadly some components are no longer available. If you have bought your ICG360 second hand without the manual, downloads of the manual and interface manual are available here.

Download ICG360 manual            

Download PC interface manual         ICG360 software

How do I use the RD6000 with this gyro?
The Sanwa RD6000 needs to be set up in a slightly different way than usual. Please download the following word file for detailed information on the correct set-up procedure.
RD6000 setup procedure

Using the PC interface
The PC interface for the ICG360 uses the LPT (parallel) port of your PC (not MAC): unfortunately many modern PCs no longer have an LPT port, and a 'virtual' one through a USB socket will not work. The software is DOS based and must be run from a DOS boot-up - this requires a floppy disc drive and an external one through a USB port is OK here, and are quite cheap. A DOS bootup disc can be made by formatting the floppy disc (through 'My Computer' or similar Windows systems) 'with system files' . This disc is inserted before the computer is turned on, and once booted the disc is swapped for the CSM disc and the software run directly from the floppy (do not install). The mouse may not be available to use - you may have to use the keyboard commands. If the computer will not boot from the floppy drive (goes to Windows as usual), go into the computer control system to find the order in which the computer checks the drives - the floppy drive should be set before the hard drive.

The LPT interface is the same for all CSM products so if you already have one from another product, this is fine but you will need to download the software for the ICG360 (see above)
LPT interfaces are still available direct from CSM - please contact us for details. We can also supply boot discs and the ICG360 software on a floppy disc.

I get a Runtime error 200 when I run the software .
This can occur with some of the earlier releases of the interface software: download the latest release  (see above)

If you have any questions or problems, please contact us on   +44 (0) 1457 854 680   or  e-mail  tech@csm-ltd.co.uk

All our helicopter products are distributed worldwide through RC Models Distribution Ltd, and should be available from your local model shop or mail order company. To find your nearest stockist see the RC Models shops page

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