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RRP 29.95

Size 21 x 30 x 4mm, 5g
  • Controls fuel mixture by monitoring cylinder head temperature.
  • Simplifies mixture adjustment.
  • Helps protect engine
  • Makes mixture less critical to weather changes.
  • Allows higher, more consistent, power output.
Requires a servo and linkage for use, does not require a radio channel.

CarbSmart is used in conjunction with a servo connected to the main needle of the carburettor to adjust the mixture in flight dependant on the cylinder head temperature. The unit has a user selectable target temperature. When the head is below the target temperature the unit moves the mixture towards the leaner direction. The extent to which this is allowed is again user adjustable. As the head reaches the target temperature the mixture is richened to the standard setting and as the head temperature exceeds the target value the mixture continues to richen until a user adjustable limit is reached. The gain of the system is also user adjustable.

Supplied with sensor, power lead, mounting foams and throttle arm. Spares are available, see Spares and Accessories

Download manual                                        Download German manual
CarbSmart Sensor
Some customers are having problems with the CarbSmart sensor failing after only a few flights. We have had a problem in finding out why this should be as we and our test pilots have failed to break one! We are aware though that all temperature sensors are a bit fragile, so we have tried all sorts of methods to try to strengthen the sensor, and will continue to try to improve it's longevity.
Mounting the sensor: we recommend that you cover the whole of the heatshrunk area with whatever glue you chose to use, and lay the sensor in the gap with its tip near to the centre, filling the gap with glue - this both supports the sensor, stops the tip hitting the fins due to vibration, and gives good thermal contact. You should also support the wire leaving the engine, without bending it at an acute angle close to the sensor, so that it is not affected by the vibration.

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