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History: 1995
CSM came into being when it was felt that the Simulator that Colin had written (see Colin's story below) was worth launching on the public. It was the first simulator to offer full interfacing between PC and transmitter. Initially we joined up with NHP (the blade people) at their Altrincham factory/ Revolution Models shop.
CSM launched the worlds first commercial Heading Hold gyro, the ICG360, and gyro design has been our speciality ever since. With electronics becoming smaller, the designs have changed so that our micro SL560 is the smallest fully functioning heading hold gyro available.
CSM and NHP decided to do their own distribution, so RC Models Distribution Ltd came into being.
CSM moved out to the country, with their own flying field, taking RC Models with it, leaving NHP and Revolution Models at Altrincham. The companies are now separate.
CSM develops the RevLock engine governor
Duncan Osbourn wins the 3D Masters with a prototype SL720 gyro which becomes available later that year - using the new generation of silicon sensors.
CSM produce CycLock - an electronic mixer for CCPM machines. This paves the way for other electronics on the head - in particular flybarless, using two SL720 gyros.
Later in the year CarbSmart is released, one of those simple, cheap products, that, if we'd thought of it, we'd have produced years ago!
The pond
The Pond
 - the flying strip is just beyond it.
Release of RevLock 30 - not only governs, but has collective management
Release of RevLock 40 - G sensitive collective management
Release of Throttle Safe and BECSafe - with safety in mind.
Unfortunately the economic climate means that the model business starts to falter, and during this year we've had to make Jayne and then Rob redundant. Glad to say they've both finally got decent jobs, and in bigger companies where they'll be able to 'grow'.
So we've concentrated on non-model consultancy, mainly Motion Control of various sorts. Main ones at this stage are LightLock (in conjunction with the Royal Shakespeare Company) and safety curtains.
Becoming increasingly busy with consultancy work, most of which we can't tell you about as they're under non-disclosure agreements until they go into production!  I think what really gets us is that when CSM had an idea, it was usually in production in about a year - some of these customers have already been developing their product for 5 years before they come to us!
hot air balloonhot air balloon
A hot air balloon landing on our flying strip
Colin - The founder of CSM. Back in 1992, having decided to have a go at helicopters instead of fixed wing, he resorted to writing a flight simulator to help himself learn - he's that sort of geek! His background is in Atmospheric Physics, which includes aerodynamics and electronic control systems, so I suppose its not too surprising. In an article in MHW he proposed the heading hold gyro, and when none of the manufacturers took up this idea, he produced the ICG360 - the worlds first commercial heading hold gyro.

Rob - (sometimes known as 'Bert') Used to be our technician. Did the repair work and a lot of the production work, and knows how to set up the most awkward of helicopters!

Wendy - Colin's wife. Started off just doing the books for CSM, otherwise doing the Mum and housewife bit to keep Colin and family fed and clothed. Now works full time, basically purchasing for both CSM and RC Models distribution, and despatch.

Jayne - Used to do the books for RC Models, and man the sales phone. Only worked part time as she had a young son, but now he's growing up I'm glad she has a more demanding job so she can have a proper career.

Katy and Janette - Colin and Wendy's daughters - have done their bit to help: packing, a bit of web-design etc, in between schooling. Katy went to University, got married, got a 'proper job' - but has now left it to go back to University to become a Vicar! Jan is in her final year as a Student Doctor at Oxford University.
Colin And Rob
Colin giving a seminar at the 3D Masters 2006, helped by Rob
Pilots The list of pilots we sponsor world-wide is increasing all the time. In exchange for gyros and engine governors, they give us publicity, and test any new ideas or try old products on new helis. We rely on them being brutally honest about our products, so we can develop further.

Duncan Osbourn, UK 1st UK F3N 2011,1st UK 3D Championship 2011,1st UK Zone 2011
                            3D Masters Champion 2005
Jonathan Bossion, France 1st Mistral & Niege France 2008, 11th Master class 3D Masters 2007
Cees Verplanke, Netherlands 1st Netherlands F3C - for 24 years! 48th World F3C 2011
Darrell Sprayberry, USA 1st American National Scale Competition 2011
Paul Lison, UK 11th Masters class 3D Masters 2006  Top 8 UK Zone 2011
Kim Jensen, Denmark 19th Masters class 3D Masters 2008, 1st Danish and 43rd World F3C 2011
Dave Fisher, UK  1st UK F3C 2006, 4th UK F3N 2011, 20th Masters class 3D Masters 2008
Darren Hardy, UK 22nd Masters class 3D Masters 2008 9th UK 3D Championship 2010
Adam Turner, UK 6th UK 3D Championship 2011 24th Masters class 3D Masters 2011
Peter Roper, UK 3rd Expert class, 3D Masters 2007
Michiel Slegers, Netherlands 5th Expert class 3D Masters 2008
Dunkan Bossion, France 2nd Mistral & Niege France 2008, 6th Expert class 3D Masters 2008
Trevor Burley, UK 8th Experts class 3D masters 2008
Stefan Simmons, UK 1st 3D Clubman 2008, 9th Experts class 3D Masters 2011 3rd UK Zone 2011
David Nolan, N. Ireland Irish National Champion 2006, 10th Expert class 3D Masters 2007
Patrick Arnould, UK 10th Expert class 3D Masters 2008
Klaus Jensen, Denmark 12th Experts class 3D Masters 2011
Matt Booth, UK 8th Sportsman class 3D Masters 2007
Vladimir Golubev, Russian Fed. 1st Russian 3D Heli Maniacs, 15th Sportsman, 3D Masters 2007
Rob Turnbull, UK 3rd UK F3N 2011, 3rd UK 3D Championship 2011
PJ Harte, Eire 3rd Irish Nationals 2007
Peter Ayriss, UK  5th UK F3N 2011, 7th UK 3D Championship 2011
Danny Lock, UK  8th UK 3D Championship 2011, 18th Expert class 3D Masters 2011 Top 8 UK Zone 2011
Matt Lodge, UK  9th UK 3D Championship 2011
Ashley Davies, UK 14th UK 3D Championship 2010
Dave Pacey, UK  1st UK Sportsman F3C 2010
Roger Mayo, UK 4th UK and 54th World F3C 2011
Mike Eddingtom, UK organiser UK 3D championship, 5th Intermedistaes UK 3D Championship 2010
Russ Deakin, test pilot, Judge, and critic!
Fred Annecke, Germany -does all our German translation for us.
Chris Lupa, UK
Noel Cross, UK
Jamie Cole (X-Cell), UK
Ryan Witchey, USA
Knud Pedersen, Denmark
Michael Fortin, USA

Duncan & Janette
Janette helping Duncan with his number plate at the 3D Masters 2006

Michiel Slegers
Michiel Slegers and Laura,
 3D Masters 2008

All our helicopter products are distributed worldwide through RC Models Distribution Ltd, and should be available from your local model shop or mail order company. To find your nearest stockist see the RC Models shops page

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