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The Heading Lock Gyro 200 sets high standards of performance at an entry level price: A single mode Heading Lock gyro
with manual gain adjustment.

Also available: the LW (Low Weight) 200 for small helicopters - weighs only 7.6g!

HLG200 gyro
Key features:
  • Heading Lock (as pioneered by CSM).
  • Built-in Exponential for smooth stick response.
  • Yaw Rate Demand with rudder rates gives two gain advantage.
  • Input Filtering to improve performance with PPM (FM) receivers.
  • High Resolution pulse measurement and generation systems.
  • Two stage power supply regulation.
  • Internal vibration damping.
  • Small, lightweight, single box design.
  • Outstanding customer support and repair service.
Radio system compatibility:
The wiring of this gyro is compatible with all current radio systems. Although not essential, the use of an R/C system with a travel adjustment facility on the rudder channel is an advantage. Most current production computer R/C transmitters have this facility. No gain channel required.

Servo choice:
Optimum performance from the HLG200 is obtained when it is used with a high speed servo (0.12 second / 60 degrees or better).

Supply voltage range: 4.1V to 7.2V
Size: 25mm x 28mm x 35mm, weight 19g
LW200 gryo and manualLow weight version - supplied in shrink wrap rather than a plastic case for reduced size and weight.
25mm x 28mm x 9mm, weight 7.5g

Download manual: HLG200 and LW200

Connection diagram for LW 200

CSM0024.....HLG200 standard size...........44.95

CSM0028.....LW200 low weight model......44.95

If the manual doesn't answer your questions, or you would like further help on setting up your gyro for optimum performance, please contact CSM on +44 (0)1457 854680 or email tech@csm-ltd.co.uk

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